Gas forms naturally in every part of the digestive system
Buoyant gas can become trapped in pockets, creating a painful blockage
Infants and toddlers are more susceptible because:
1. Newborns lack probiotic bacteria to aid digestion
2. An immature digestion cannot offset trapped gas
3. Children are attracted to sugary foods
Most gas drops use simethicone, a synthetic chemical that tastes like soap and acts as an anti-foaming agent in the stomach.

When administered orally, gas bubbles in the stomach combine into larger bubbles that can, in theory, be passed more easily through burping.
Simethicone is not an “as needed” medicine but must be given in regular doses with every meal.

It only affects gas in the stomach and does not help with intestinal gas that causes the most intense pain.

Several studies report that simethicone is no better than a placebo.
Under the Microscope
Tummy Calm acts quickly. Microscopic particles of activated carbon attract gases and toxins through a completely harmless process called electrostatic adsorption.
Gases and toxins become trapped in the millions of pores and tunnels of the activated carbon. Everything passes out of the digestive system, fully and naturally.
Homeopathic Ingredients
Tummy Calm is made from nine homeopathic ingredients to provide multi-symptom relief, including chamomile, lycopodium, vegetable charcoal and others.
According to homeopathic principles, the ingredients work to naturally provide gas relief and digestive aid, while encouraging the child's body to heal itself.​
Tummy Calm works quickly and directly to remove the source of discomfort. Activated carbon particles adsorb gases and toxins through the gastro-intestinal system. The homeopathic remedies aid digestion, soothe and settle your child's tummy troubles from gas and bloating.
Once gas is removed from the stomach and intestines, normal digestion is restored. Everything passes out of the body naturally.
Onset of Gas Pains
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